I’ve seen a option to make your posts a Wiki

Recently I saw you can make your posts a wiki, I think we should post tutorials or facts about aircraft, airports or Tips for new players. I think it should be well maintained like this forum, and regularly updated like each aircraft. I can admit it will take a while for it to complete so I think we should try this android will help new players! Maybe we should link the Wiki to the game main screen for new players if there confused.

(Maybe we should have a group of people who are Active, speaks English (or another language), Knows how stuff on the forum and game works. (@admins if you want to add or change anything feel free too!)

Example of how to (only works for the actual user who made the topic.)

(Also, I’m not the creator of this, But if anyone here likes LEGOs please support this project we are so close and we have lots of time to get this (Hopefully) on the shelf’s. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f45f30fe-d699-4b7f-a161-2ddc5151d323, Please check it out!)


I think this is a great idea, although initially setting this up will be a pain, in the long run, there would be less redundancies in the questions asked on this forum.

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Agreed. The community could set up an information database for new players. All of this would obvs need to be run through @shill. He should maybe create a new rank tier for those editors so that they are clearly known. Also this would require a lot of cordination on the part of the editors to see what exactly to write and how, maybe disagreements on game strategy will come up in the future (hopefully not obvs :slight_smile: )

Edit: if you click the make wiki button now what will it do to the post? Does it pinn it, give it some sort of special status or what? I have never used that button so idk

First of all the Wiki is a great idea, but it would take a long time. As for the Lego thing it won’t happen because it’s got a brand on it.

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I haven’t seen what it does yet, I should try it maybe as a test, also DM’d shill on here haven’t yet in discord.

Update: I pressed make wiki, nothing changed except it now has a giant Edit button next to it. I’m assuming anyone can edit it, if that is the case maybe restricting that could be a thing leaving only Trusted and Active users able to edit.

Thanks for telling me, it could take a while for that to be approved. But in reality it could and couldn’t work mainly because it involves two branded products/company’s. And it could it meets all of LEGOs product requirements. Also thanks for telling me how you feel about the wiki.

I think only people like us with the regular badge can edit and organise posts. :slight_smile:
See this screenshot with who can do what.

You could be correct if only us Regulars and above can edit wiki it could be eliminating the need for a special group, thanks for sharing.

Though we would still need a group chat or something like that to coordinate what we write

Indeed, I can start a DM and start coordinating the first few articles.

Perhaps a new discord chat or something will suffice. I can’t think of a better time than now to start since most of us are stuck home due to COVID, and we have a lot more time on our hands.

Indeed, do you want to join the DM? School ends for me on Wednesday so I’m gonna be more free for the Wiki.

That would be fantastic, I would like to joing the DM

No problem!