I wish they update the WOApedia

Because I need to Know Royal Brunei B788, Is RB in every Playable Airport ?


Ah, yeah the old woapedia was good, but the pokedex style they have now is better imo

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They could kinda combine both if yk what I mean…

Now I wanna know, is RB 787 gonna be in every playable airport I’m now in PRG and BRI.

Should be available there, you’d need to find Brunei though, I’m unsure where it is

How about other playable airport, that’s why I need that Woapedia arrival/departure thing.

I preferred the old WOApedia, as it was informative, and then the current one be renamed to something else

I do agree but collecting aircraft liverys is morealess a challenge instead of being informed

I just liked being able to check what airlines go from where and to where

Same but now there got rid of this opportunity

Logistically difficult now that the amount of available routes/contracts has drastically increased compared to pre 2.0.

The amount of effort that would take to create should be spent elsewhere

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Agreed. There’s more important things in than what I want lol

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