IAD -> JFK not possible?

I’m playing now since a month and I’m now playing on IAD.
All works very finde but I can’t send anny S-Aircrafts to JFK?
From Airlines there are 3 arriving and slots to send A/C’s to JFK i have 1/5. I also bought a second one so now 2/5 but still I can’t send aircrafts there.
Annyone has an idea why?

I think it’s a maintenance destination, some of them don’t allow you to send flights there.

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Ahhh ok. Thank you.

You do have IAD - BWI! :joy:

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yeah the plane returns faster than it can start :upside_down_face:

Or faster when it just rolls the way.

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I send Concorde to EWR from IAD & it’s a 14 min round trip. I wonder if it can still be in the queue to take off & be landing the other runway at the same time :thinking:.

I’ve always wonder that! :joy:

Imagine sending a concorde on a 10 mile flight from IAD and the plane you saw at the last of the queue is still there in the queue even after the concode comes backs