IAD - LEJ Connections Requests

Use this thread for IAD-LEJ requests

L and X only aircraft max of 5 of each type for departures.

Looking for a connection from your LEJ to my IAD.

Username: Cafrish
Time zone: UTC+2

I can handle any amount and type of planes.

Please send your planes to arrive between 18:00 and 22:00 my time (UTC+2).

Let me know what is the best time for you to receive my planes.

I’m looking for connection from my IAD to your LEJ
username: kryll26
Timezone: UTC+1
playing: daytime
I have a lot of planes
waiting for your request

Looking for connection

User: marechkon33
UTC-8 feel free to add

Looking for a connection to LEJ from IAD
User: seanlr86
UTC -7
Feel free to PM me if you have any other connection needs :blush:

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I’m looking for a connection from my IAD to LEJ.

My time zone is UTC+1 and I usually play every now and then throughout the day.

Feel free to add me: bor147ah

looking for my IAD to LEJ, add me: AnCat83

Looking for connection feel free to add marechkon33


Looking for a connection from my IAD to your LEJ.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Kittyhawk5
I am daily player - various times during whole day.

Already connected to Stefan_XS

I can send you a request. But I started in LEJ just a few days ago and have just 2 S planes and 1 L + 1 X stand. No cargo.

Ok. That would be great!
No problem, I will start sending pax planes slowly, 1 time each.
And just let me know when you upgrade more stands. No time to rush :wink:

Looking for 1 connection from IAD - LEJ
TimeZone: UTC+1
Username: WHoeks
Daily Player 1 or 2 times a day

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I’m looking for connection from your LEJ to my IAD
username: winneror
my timezone is GMT+8
waiting for your request