IAD: M & L sharing SFO and SEA, but cooldown is weird


It may be intentional or it may be a bug?

M and L airplanes are sharing 2 destiantions: SFO and SEA.
But if I send an M the cooldown for L is set to 40 minutes, and for the M to 30 minutes.
And if I send an L, the cooldown is set the same way.

Should the cooldown for a destination not be the same?


no this is not a bug. Default cooldown for S plane is 20 minutes (exception is Innsbruck and maybe some other airports which have lower cooldown).
M class planes have 30 minutes cooldown, L class planes have 40 minutes and finally XL planes have 50 minutes.

It might look confusing so i take an example. I send A320 from Prague to Bari - M class cooldown 30 minutes. And i can send next A320 after 30 minutes cooldown or i can wait 40 minutes to send L class B787. So as you can see, cooldown is plane class dependent.

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Hi @Mobius_cz,

Thanks for the clear explanation!