IAD suddenly starts freezing. Parts of Menu missing

IAD today suddenly all controls (see photo) vanished. No updates or other changes made. Rebooted iPhone 11 max 256gb twice - IAD keeps locking as soon as I touch screen to do anything.


Hello! Sadly the photo didn’t show up. I have never had this happen to me, but the photo could help. Could you Reupload it?

Screenshot from phone won’t upload - have taken a photo I managed to send to pc in re-edit

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Okay, I see it. First, I’m saying this the ATR paying over 100k, I Wish! It looks like the game does Not recognise you are in the game (I could be 100% wrong because I have no idea about the workings of the game.) @shill I cant lie this looks like a new problem.

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I forgot if someone posted something similar, I will check real quick.

I have also noticed that radar will only work on my iPhone and not on opera, internet explorer or chrome anymore

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Okay! I found a solution, Can't open Washington it has to be started remotely by the devs, please read that topic It had a very similar photo to what you have.

How do I contact the developers to remotely start me again?

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@shill can you remotely reset the problem exactly the same in the Post Can't open Washington. Thanks!

Tell me or shill if it doesn’t work! It should be fixed (Hopefully) by tomorrow!

Ok - I’ll report back - thank you

No problem! :smiley:

I’m not sure how long I should wait as nothing has happened so far - any ideas who I should contact or what I should do?

Does your IAD still not work? Weird. @shill should be able to help

@shill Could you please help me as I still cannot access IAD?

Hello Aldus! Sorry to hear it’s not working. @Shill can you forward this to the people who can remotely restart it?

User name if airport is without User Interface - that Database problem not a bug.

Hi, so if it’s a database problem what don’t have to do or to contact?

My username is aldus4 - should you need this

I will forward it to a person who can fix that DB error for your account.