Idea for IAD and other big airports

In the bigger airports, primarily IAD, once you get enough gates there starts to become so much traffic that you can’t take care of it all, which results in some traffic (for me it’s mainly regional jets) going over time and leaving. My idea for a solution for this is once you get a certain amount of gates, have an option you can unlock to have traffic at a certain terminal automatically handled, or maybe all traffic automatically handled for a certain time with a cooldown. This would help the player when there is so much traffic you can’t handle it all.

Personally, I like the absolute chaos of IAD 5mins after you clicked play but hey, we’re all different


I was thinking of something along the line of, having a fab that only shows planes that need handling. Similar to the tab that only shows planes at the gates.


There is an idea to have “automated handling” feature purchaseable at some gates on every airport.
It will handle aircrafts “just on red timer” without bonus of course.

When it will be implemented - hard to say but it is waiting (+ its code-wise big change potent for bugs :P)

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It would be nice to have more plane cards options. I mean I can hide taxiing and landing planes but I would like to have option to see just planes which need any service at the moment (yellow mark on card). It could help in bigger airports as well.