Improvement of maintenance system

Maintenance system is a real cool new function but I think it needs some adjustments that are based on real life aviation.

Here are my ideas:

  1. Decrease income of player owned aircraft by 30-50% (especially for L & XL aircraft). They generate way too much income at the moment. Another option would be an increase of maintenance costs.

  2. Adjust the time for checks to real life aviation a bit more. E.g. an A380 needs the first A-Check after about 100 flight hours while in real life it needs it after 1000 hours. I would like to see a change from NM to flight hours and the period for checks should be doubled at least (with the implementation of point 1)

  3. Nearly all airports offer maintenance in real life aviation, this should be implemented in WoA instead of limiting it to just 2 airports per category that overlap with other categories in some cases and also overlap with destinations. If devs want to keep the system with cooldown that also respect commercial flights we should have an option to decide if we want to send an aircraft to maintenance earlier than needed to create a schedule of our own. This could be solved like the skip-function of the Marshalling-Minigame (see picture)

  4. Aircraft that need maintenance shouldn’t be fully loaded with Pax, Catering and Cargo nor should they generate any income because they have been loaded

  5. The circle around your own aircraft should show the maintenance-status of your aircraft. This would help planning timeslots for your aircraft to send them to maintenance

  6. Values of aircraft after a D-Check should still be higher than zero so that perfoming a D-Check is more an option than buying a new aircraft. Maybe prizes for new aircraft should be raised.


I agree with all of your points except number 1. As a player with a single 787 in my fleet right now i relly on it to generate a bunch of my income. I do have other A320s in my fleet but the contrast in BRI for example is drastic. I have the 787 based there along with 4 A320s and 4 BAEs. The A320 makes i think about 700-1000 per flight (i think, cant remember exactly lol) but on the other hand one 787 flight to IAD makes me 14k. Now yes that is completely disbalanced compared to S and M planes but i dont think cutting L and XL is the single solution. I think a rebalancing is required where S and M are increased a bit, then you can safely do your suggestion. Also important note is that the balance is different o other airports. In PRG an A320 makes at least 2k on a route and thats a completely other story


and that’s the reason why changes need to be made:

all my xl-stands blocked with A380s waiting to go to maintenance, no other aircraft at airport that can land or be handled

@RudiMentaer75 Perfect! Thanks, I 100% agree!

I think if S/M planes would earn more money the whole situation is not getting better. Of course it is harder to earn money @BRI, PRG and INN but even there you are earning money very fast once you have 3 or 4 large planes in your fleet. It just takes some time in the beginning. With higher income of the smaller planes it would be way too easy to build up your fleet I think.

Well yes i agree but getting to the point of having 3 or 4 large planes is the challenge. Actually just the first large plane is the challenge because you need to do a lot of smaller planes first and also preferabely max out airport. Come to think of it you dp have a point. It would make it sognificantly easyer if S and M made more.

I think they should NOT make the game easier…

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