Increase takeoff time at IAD

Please could you update takeoff time at IAD as it takes longer for them to take off and the results traffic jam on taxiways


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It has two runways. How do You manage trafic jams?

It can easily be done if you release a whole bunch of aircraft at once. I’ve had them backed up to all 3 sections and beyond once. Kind of fun watching them shuffle their way to the runway

Off course. But they are gone in no time.

Taking off queue does nothing as it has already given you the profit, on the other hand the landing queue is the best to increase for 2 reasons.
1)As the planes will give profit they have to come on time.
2)So that the traffic jam slows down.
I also almost had more than 50 planes incoming.

what about the idea of an increased traffic option? it has been under consideration for quite a while and I think IAD would be a good aiport to test it with 2 runways and 100+ stands of which most of them are empty

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What I meant, unlike other airports, IAD line up on runway takes longer than for example Nagoya, the preceding aircraft takes off and disappear off runway before the next one lines up.
Hope this explains better

Many thanks

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Indeed, I do want the line up action. Its been developing for so long.

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