Interchangeable Stand sizes

I currently work at Gatwick Airport and would love to be able to see the larger stands available to smaller stands similar to reality. For example, here our A380 size stand can also service other size aircraft, normally Easyjet’s A320s.
In game, they would be the largest stand selected but a smaller plane could be handled on it.

Would this be a possibility to have in game in the future?


This has come up before, it’s something to do with servers

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With arrival system (on server). That is not going to be changed at least for now (more resource-eaters planned and in progress.


I’d quite like to see this but as @Shill said it’ll take a while. Another one for the list? :wink:

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I am not decision maker - from economical point of view (my opinion) in game that makes very little sense (to waste potentialy bigger earning stand for smaller income aircraft).

Peope are very anxious but reality is 2,5 developers have limited resources :slight_smile: looking on build board there are many to be coded and placed there long time ago ; adding more would not really make it hapen faster.

Game changers with big implications on current system/rules are less likely to happen for the moment, because big things are in progress (cargo operations / b747 and pending liveries for 777 specifically).