iOS - Game Center connection lost

Hi there

I’m playing WOA on iOS. When starting the game some minutes ago, I figured I arrived at an empty Innsbruck, instead of my busy Washington.

It seems the Game Center connection is lost as my username is a random number instead of “”

Could you please have a look what went wrong? Thanks

Try to log out and back in to game center (it is fixing most of game center related issues usually).

Thanks for your feedback. This was the solution. Although I was a bit scared to lose my game data…

Glad it works back again. Enjoy.

The same thing happened to me, but I can’t fix it. I’ve uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, signed out of game center and back in, etc.

My handle is “Nohandle_Mac”, but I’ve been assigned a Player00611642062. I cannot access my airport or the golden airplanes I bought.

Game Center shows the number of my accomplishments and correct Nickname. Apple Help is at a loss so far. Can you help?