Iphone x, prg

If aircraft stands on stand and you are doing handling a lot of times you cannot for example do the fuelling, load the bags or passengers. And it takes so long and it doesnt work to choose it and in the end the plane go away very angry

Hi Petra0212 - do you have enough handling machines ? If you have only one each then obviously it will be difficult.

You can upgrade current ones - then they are faster or/and purchase new units.

It is not a bug so i will move topic to general discussions.

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I updated my baggage services to level 5 already but the problem still remains. It would be fine that there will be more text and explanation why it is. There is too little of the text and hints doesnt show so often even i have them on

Out of interest How many baggage tucks are you running with?

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There are two numbers, count and level. If you upgrade only the level, you get a single fast truck. You have to upgrade also the count.

The yellow truck icon indicates, that at least one plane needs such a truck. Next to the symbol the number of idle trucks. Hope that helps to understand the game.