Is there any way to play the game on other platforms?

Yesterday, my 4 year old phone that I use to play the game finally took its last breath. Now I have no other device to play it on. Fortunately or unfortunately, my sister has a pc that she rarely uses, which is what i’m currently using. I’m just asking if there’s any way to play the game on pc, like an emulator or something.

Maybe with phone simulator. I dont know if you have in that sort of programs An appstore.

Then you can mimic for example you have An Samsung Galaxy 20+

yeah, I’m currently in the process of finding an emulator for WoA.

I heard Memu is a great one for andriod, but I am yet to find anything for iOS :frowning:

My old phone couldn’t handle WOA anymore. I used Memu until I got my new phone, it is great, the best emulator for WOA there is.

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