The game sometimes very lagging, but sometimes works fine, clearing the cache has no effect, as well as the number of aircraft at the airport or in the air. Some advice to solve this problem ? I have DOOGEE S80, thx.

Very strange.
Are you sure that “50 % resolution” and “30 fps mode” are turned off like in the screenshot?

I have still turn on 30fps, and turn off 50% res. Resolution don’t have effect on lagging.
Today same situation, playing 2 hours without lagging and after that game starts lagging, nothing happened with my mobile, no apps on background, battery still have 70%, no connection problem, … restart game … lagging, restart, lagging, restart lagging, restart and game is fine :flushed: Where is problem ?

I find solution, tower view and perma look on west, 3 days without lagging, if someone have same problem …

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Yeah tower view helps, I still experience little lag in iAD though

For me, samsung galaxy S9

Hi, what is the best option for lowest battery consumtion? 30FPS blue or grey?
Thank you