Landing Queue counter

I’d love to see how many planes i have in an active landing queue.

this would be very helpful when trying to work out how many aircraft are infront of connection aircrafts or trying to workout how long it’ll take until they land.

It’ll also be useful to see whether time is needed to decrease the landing queue or increase it if your capable of handling more aircraft.

it only needs to be a small counter in the top next to the camera icon or somewhere like that, so it doesnt intrude on the gaming aspect.


Agree but maybe even a take off queue counter too

you can see all aircraft that are waiting for takeoff in the sidebar at the bottom if it’s enabled in your settings.

There is but if you’ve got over 100 aircraft down the bottom. You don’t want to go through counting to find out how many are in the landing queue.

as for a takeoff queue, thats not really required as Rudi said above.


I didn’t mean that way, what I and the author meant is like a actual counter like example: “5 (2):flight_arrival: | 7 (1) :flight_departure:” (no. in brackets mean player planes)
It honestly would be a good implementation. Atleast only for landing if not both


That sort of thing would be ideal and it’ll fit perfectly in the gap at the top.

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