Will the 50x stands at LEIPZIG be added in future ? 501-506 i think

Where exactly are these stands?

hi, between 401-412, and the West stands 201-212
in front of the big DHL building

have a look on google earth

This building?

I don’t think these stands will be added as these are approach positions to the European Air Transport (EAT) maintenance building.


aah, maybe they are like you say, not actual ‘cargo’ stands, only maintenance stands

If only we could send a plane to maintenance at the airport’s facility instead of having to fly it elsewhere!

I believe that may be in the long range plans (maintenance hangers) but absolutely no time scale for them that I am aware of.

As for extra gates, history says that’s not going to happen. With the exception of PRG where they adjusted a couple of things a long time ago. Everything else is aligned to the confines of the game.

That said. There is a potential option for parking stands that is on the feedback page, so they could be used for that. For now however LEJ will be left as is.

The good thing to add is speed up taxi times in certain taxiways, that will be great

Especially the high-speed exit taxiways. The whole landing animation will probably have to get refactored to allow it but it’s worth it just for the handful of seconds per plane it will save at most of the airports.