LEJ yellow marker

Any thoughts on LEJ marker being yellow because I think that yellow marker signifies potential future playable airport.

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It dose mean a future airport.

It’s connected to destinations. It’s the next airport alright.

If that turns out to be true then I am even more pleased. Because it can turn out differently than you think. :heart:LEJ

Ain’t Leipzig airport a bit small? It has a big cargo part, but the passenger part is smaller than Bari.
I would prefer Schiphol or Heathrow.

stop asking for such airports, its only a dream with no chance of happening in distant future…

Think that’s the reason why - A Cargo-focused airport

Bring more uniqueness into the gameplay. Obviously the pax part will only play a small role here.

You have DHL in the South and AN-124 base in the North so it’s good in my book

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I didn’t ask for any airport.

Sets up perfectly as I know the devs are working on the AN124 and now the rework of the 757.


How will LEJ work with L/X pax flights?

No guarantee it will. Not every airport is going to run everything. This one will almost certainly get L and X cargo, but may only get M or L pax.

I can see L pax flights, there do seem to be remote stands surrounding the passenger terminal. Considering L and X stands are pretty much the same in game, I don’t see why we can’t get at least 1 (although it would most likely be a bus gate).

With LEJ also seeing a fair few Condor flights, will we be seeing the 753 alongside the 757 remodel?

Possible : yes
When: I don’t know

There’s a developer Q&A happening on the Discord server. If you have a question for the devs, you can ask there but read the rules first.


3 airports? This has peaked my curiosity!

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Same here

I always thought you were crappy chips lol,
That’s good to hear the devs are making new airports tbough

Lol :joy:

Did they give any ideas as to the other two?