LET 410 Prank Discussion

I am also confused because the 737 is a v2 plane

It was April 1st, that’s always when game devs post stuff that will likely never happen

bro pleski is not ‘game dev’ he is just a mod

That too

he got it from Let L410 Turbolet - Download Free 3D model by helijah [38c3aae] - Sketchfab


So is the A319

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Imagine if they made a V4, then they’d have to go back and update all the V3s and prior lol

Can everyone cool down about the Let 410 as I sent an email to Devs about this and apparently it not planned (yet), possibly after the A320 remodel and the new taxiway system they might but who knows.

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I don’t think it’s gonna be directly after the 320 as there are other planes with higher priority

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Who is “everyone”? It was pretty clear that it was a joke.
We already found out where they got the image from.


Clearly everyone in the community

Considering this discussion is still going on, and coming across a little argumentative. I’m just going to intervene with the following:

  1. This was confirmed as a joke, as previously mentioned, and nothing more than a bit of fun on the Discord

  2. There isn’t any need to get so argumentative over something like this, especially in the context of an April Fools joke (best advice I can give is take things with a pinch of salt on April 1st)

  3. If the Let 410 is officially added at some point, the devs would say either on Discord or a preview on Instagram before being posted here.

The fact it’s turned into such a heated debate at times is, well, baffling.


I agree

Ugh this again.

I am going be honest about these claims

  1. I sent that email before found out it was a prank to confirm that it is a prank and it was according to this email.

  2. I do believe that this prank is just never funny, think about it, imagine that Network Rail said on the 1st of April there going to get into Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland railways and said on the 2nd of April that this would be a prank. They would anger Translink Railways and Iarnród Éireann, especially in the South as there is just 1 rail operator (yes there are some companys like Commuter, Dart and InterCity but there are all operated by Irish Rail) and in fact if Network Rail would break into the Irish railways system they would most likely kill Irish Rail maintenance and engineering the track. So this is not funny if it is a prank or not.

We can make funny stuff about the game like livery and so on but not aircraft. I told everyone that it’s not funny and it continues. So the next reply about it (unless it’s a mod) will be flagged. (And I mean it)

Like I was already in a bad mood when it started and it still continues which only makes things worse.

Enough with the not soft comments, give it up and let’s get this topic back on the train tracks

Well, considering it’s the title of the topic, if you’re unwilling to let others enjoy some light hearted fun because you solely disapprove, and considering you wish not to be reasoned with on the matter, I can only suggest to some one with the ability to lock the thread as it’s not proving productive or positive.


I get it but if it a livery of an fictional airline or aircraft that’s fine but real aircraft with real livery which causes buzz to the community and say it’s a prank is totally unacceptable and to be honest it’s should be moved to a bit of fun topic not a completely new topic.

There is literally 0 images that I can find with the let410 in modern CSA colors, so it’s pretty easy to see the joke

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And you still don’t see me point. The point I am saying is it looks interesting than it looks suspicious then it says it’s a prank and I am literally not happy about it

That’s literally what April fools is… Play a joke that seems realistic, or not, all depending on the company, just get used to it because this happens every year

April fools or not its still not a funny joke