List of airlines currently removed/unable to get

Just figured I’d list is because why not, idk I’m bored and it’s interesting
Alright so here it is
Cavok air alternate livery 3, was only available from kyiv at leipzeig
Aeroflot, literally everywhere from russia
Air Bridge cargo/Volga dnepr/atran/cargologic Germany (?) not entirely sure why cargologic got removed, I think because of association with Volga dnepr, operated almost everywhere, I think with exception of inn and bri
Skyup, Ukraine, Europe destinations
UIA, ditto, most everywhere because of the 777
Ural airlines, russia, only ever saw it at lej
Polet airlines, Russia I presume lej reward
I probably missed some idk, this is what I could remember
Might as well do military too
Qatar air force
Kuwait air force
Indian air force
US air force, coast guard (not entirely gone just can’t find it in airrvals)
Austrian air force
Again,may have missed some