List of unlockable planes?

Is there such a list anywhere? I recently made it to IAD and had the misfortune or discovering the CRJ was unlockable there. However I had already spent gold planes to unlock it! When I saw the E-190 unlock in Prague I made an assumption that as the airports went on the unlocks would be larger planes. At any rate I’ve got my eye on the Airbus models and I’m wondering if they have missions to unlock them or if I should go ahead and use golden planes on them.

Only aircraft you can unlock in achievements are:
ATR72 at INN
BAe146 at BRI
E190 at PRG
CRJ700 at IAD

You then get aircraft for completing levels, vary based upon airport.

When you start the game, tap on “Achievements”, it shows which achievements unlocks which plane at what airport (use the arrows to flip through the airports)… like IAD has a CRJ700 unlock

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