Lists of airlines which must be in the next update

Lists of airlines
E170 livery - United Express (Continental livery)
E170 livery - American Eagle

E170 livery - Delta Connection

E175 livery - United Express

E175 livery - United Express (Continental livery)
E175 livery - Alaska Airlines

E175 livery - American Eagle

E175 livery - Delta Connection

A319-100 livery - United Airlines

A319-100 livery - Delta Airlines

A319-100 livery - Finnair

A319-100 livery - Allegiant Air

A319-100 livery - Aegean Airlines

A330-200 livery - Iberia Airlines

A330-200 livery - Hawaiian Airlines

B737-800 livery - Southwest Airlines (Freedom One)

B38M livery - Ryanair

B38M livery - Air China

B38M livery - Omanair

Well people this airlines has to be in the next update First They did not put airlines from the United States Europe and Asia I hope that very soon you can put those airlines Just tell me your opinions



Heh nice wish, these may take around 9 updates to add

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Will I ever see the beautiful Tu154?