Liveries. Every player version available on every plane type

Please make every player-livery available on every plane type. So I can make my full fleet totally the same.
Currently I am missing the triangle livery on the A350.


I submitted this request to the feedback site, I’ve not seen it on there yet though. I’d love to see some of the ATR liveries available on the bigger planes, especially the flames one I think it would look great

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Im a bit biased in saying this but they should probably first add all of the brand new liveries from the last update to most planes. I use BAes, A320s and 787s and didnt see a single one of the cool new liveries. Bad luck i guess :joy:
Edit: @JoeDraper24 agree with your ATR comments

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I do agree, player liveries available on all types. Just need triangle for the A350, Dash 8 and Saab.