Liveries issue for player owned planes?

I have bought the Stripes livery for my BAe 146 planes but they are still using the Basic livery. I have sent them to destinations and they have come back the same. Also seems that when I close the app and come back, my chosen livery resets back to Basic, and so I have the same issue every time. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? :sweat_smile:


it’s only working for new aircraft. the old ones keep the basic livery.


Ah I see! So any planes I buy from now on will have that livery, is that right?

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Great thanks guys! :+1:

Well you can choose which livery you want to buy if I understand the mechanics correctly (: just the thing is, that the livery you buy the plane will stick to. You can not change it unless you sell the plane and buy a new one in a different livery

you still have to choose the livery before buying that new aircraft