Livery suggestion for a airline that already ceased operations

Hey! I would like to suggest a few liveries, i hope its not a problem if this airline is already non-existant:

Malev 737, operates from BUD
Malev Q400, operates from BUD, DEB
And maybe if it gets released: Malev TU154 operates also from BUD

If not they can be special liveries as well but i am sure a lot of you guys would love to see them in the game!

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Nothing against you. But honestly glad that they finished. Each flight with them was for me bad. And no comment about services. Lost me 4 times luggages. Once totally. Did not find it. And once they called me after three months after the flight from usa (connection in paris CDG to BUD) that they found them. I almost already forgot about the luggages😂

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But not bad idea about special livery

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I like it… like a retro sort of game play. I’m in. Where do I send my $99?