Long time no see

Howdy folks, been a while. See not much has changed on the forum, (visually.) I’ve been getting into the game again. Anybody got some tips for these new UIs and Features, or connections also. (I’m at Prague currently.)


There are multiple dev blogs published in the forum, you can see them if you scroll down to the bottom in the forum portal.

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I remember you’ve been alot here in 2020, but I don’t know when put the game down for a while. The basic gameplay is still the same, but will change after update 2.0. Everyone is excited to see what the game will look like and how it will be played afterwards. Take a Look into threads #1 up to #12 to have an overview of the coming changes.

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Thanks! I do remember you also, I’ll be sure to look through it! Thrilled to be back here!