Looking for BRI or NGO Connections to IAD

I have a fleet of 5 large planes in Washington (IAD) and I’m looking for a 100 Connection with someone. I’m in the USA, Eastern time. I play almost daily and can send back on forth pretty regular. My ID is me782547.

Hey! Everything about this is perfect though I don’t have a fleet to send back. I want to be as active as possible but school work has gotten in the way.

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I didn’t find you Sorry

Whats your reálnou ingame ID?

Mine? I haven’t been active much so I can’t really accept. He didn’t say his.

Heiligm send me another long haul, I was just turning around your aircraft & the game crashed! It did another landing afterwards but I couldn’t touch it. It came in about 22.30 UK time

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@pilster, will do. What time is best there for you to play? It looks like your + 5 hours from Easter time, US?

Hmm, not sure why. My ID is me782547.

Anytime between 9 am & 3 pm your time should be good :+1:

Looking for connection from my IAD to bri, prg, ngo. I have 16 large and Xl Planes that can travel and adding more


@Marechkon33, let’s do it! I can do PRG or NGO.

What is your airport ID: I will add you now

Do you have bri connection??

I need a connection from my BRI to INN

I do. I sent you an NGO request.

Sorry, not an NGO request, a PRI request.