Looking for connections (LfC)

Looking for connections:
My IAD -> your PRG
My IAD -> your NGO
Playername: DroningSalsa2358

Just added you on PRG - IAD

looking for connections from my PRG to your INN and BRI, username is Icetech72

I am looking for a connection partner from your INN to my PRG. I have a fleet ready for departure!
I am looking for someone with a (few) planes to send as well.

Thanks for responding!
(CEST Timezone) (European)

Hi guys!

I play daily on IAD and sometimes also on BRI and INN; i have a fleet only in IAD but just 2 738 and 2 crj. If i can help someone even without planes that i can send just let me know! My username is: StrikerEureka97

GMT +2

Hey Striker! You would need to have a L plane to connect from IAD. But I would be willing too once I finish this connection.

Good morning friend, I already completed INN but I can help you with this, I will add you

Thanks, but I have already made the connection with someone else :slight_smile:

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Hi William, i know that i need L plane thats why i said that i have only 738 and crj. I just wanted to say that i would like to help people with connections but i don’t have planes to send! Anyway when you want to connect just let me know, i don’t have any connections so far.

Okay! No problem. If you want to connect at PRG or BRI I’m open in all airports.

We can connect in BRI but as i said i don’t have planes to send you so if you need it for the achievement then i would be more than happy to help you; if not let’s just wait to connect in IAD. btw what is you nickname? same as the one that you have here?

No problem. My username is player something. I would be willing too even though I don’t have a fleet as of yet.

Looking for a connection from your INN to my BRI

GMT +8

I’m looking for a connection from PRG to either INN or BRI. My ingame name is the same as here in the forum.

I have 10 aircraft based in Prague (CRJ, A320 and E190), with two ready for departure. Looking for a connection with BRI.

Ready for connections from Prague and IAD, request id are interested user name CrazypilotRui

Gonna add you from my IAD. Eastern time. Have B747 and A380

Any changes?

Looking for connections from my IAD to BRI or NGO. preferably eastern time.

@Jhaveribhai Hey! Sorry I have been not active on the game for a little. I have a new phone and I have to transfer the data. So it’s gonna take a while. But I will be happy to connect with you as soon as I find that my data for all my apps are fine.