Looking for player connection and little explanation

Hello, this is your captain speaking, welcome aboard :laughing::flight_departure:,

maybe I do not get it right, but how does the player connections work? (Maybe because missunderstanding in english).

For example for me it is showing from IAD one flight to PRG. But at radar I saw one player sending like 15 airplanes to PRG.

So can someone explain and in case make with me connection?

My options now and still growing:

PRG airport:

1 x DASH Q400

5 x ATR72

1 x CRJ 700

3 x A320

1 x A380

IAD airport:

1 x CRJ700

9 x E190

2 x A320

15 x B757

2 x B787

3 x A350

3 x B747

20 x A380

NGO airport:

1 x A380

Game name as nick (Fedo285). I come from Slovakia, Europe. Speaking english as you can see.

Playing each day.

Thnx for your responses.

And good luck to all players and enjoy the game.

A player connection is you and them sending planes to one another and they handle it (much like AI traffic)

here is a tutorial for connections: :wink:
Connection tutorial