Looking for to Prague and bari

Hi I am new to world of airports Looking for connections to Prague and bari I currently have no airfleet but will happily handle your airfleet I time zone is GMT

I could help you with my PRG to your INN if you would like, my in game username is the same as my forum username if you want to add me :smile:

And I can help you with a connection from my BRI to your INN.
Gamename: DroningSalsa2358



Accept my request please

Can you please accept the request

Thanks, I’ll get the first set of flights sent later on, just waiting for them to return to PRG :laughing:

Request accepted, 2 BAE 146’s and 2 E190’s are en route.

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I saw that the connection my BRI to your PRG is available. Sent connection request.

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Accepted it, cheers :+1:


@ Anticipatorypitch15,

Are you still active in this game? Sent half my fleet for the last couple of days, but the connection counter doesn’t go up.

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Same here, been at 7 for about 4-5 days