Looks like we have to wait another week

Since the Devs and no signs of updates maybe we have to wait for another week for 2.1 update, unless it’s decided tomorrow for the update.

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I’ve just learned to overshoot it. I’d say 2.1 will be in December and LHR will not be until early to mid 2024. As much as I appreciate the devs, as we saw with 2.0, I don’t think they can finish such a large project by the end or the year, nor do I believe it is fair to ask them as such.

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I dont know…
Im sill hearing from the devs and @carlsberg72(who happens to be a mod so his info is valid) that lhr is still coming by the end of the year. Trust the process I guess :man_shrugging:


Gives you some time to rack up more GP, max out your SXM

As much transparency as I can give you. Everything for 2.1 is done. However they are trying to do some further updates to the Tower Agent before release.
As for LHR, nothing has been said about a delay into 24 (yet) , they started work on it as soon as they realized there was going to be problems with DEL, so they were ahead of the game so to speak.although huge it’s not so terrible to code because of the way the terminals are set.
I will double check with the devs to see if they will give me an update on LHR, but that’s the status as I know it right now


Sorry are they not going for DEL also in the future
Could u clarify please.

DEL will happen, there’s a license issue with the game platform system that if they were to implement DEL it would be so expensive to do so, the game as a whole would be at risk. So for now it is delayed. No idea when it will actually arrive, but that’s the reason

So is it gonna be another week or another month?

Honestly I don’t know. I joked with the devs about whether they were holding back 2.1 until LHR and what I have explained is the answer I got. The only people who truly know the answer to this are the devs themselves and they are not telling me and certainly not in a way that I can relay to folks

I trust carlsberg and the devs, but having played the game for almost 3 years, but considering the time it takes for these things, I personally don’t think LHR will be here by the end of the year.

Which, to clarify, is just fine. It’s not a complaint, the dev team is quite small and while updates do take quite a while, they almost always turn out very high quality. So I don’t mind waiting longer for LHR since I know they will take their time to make it great. And if it does come sooner, that’s even better.


Well I think the partnership with Taimodels means they already had a model for the airport because when they announced the partnership, there was a picture of lhr in the background. So that pretty much removed the modelling process. So now all they have is code the taxiways. So while you may be right since I’ve only been playing since may and you’ve been playing for years, My wishful thinking tells me it could come out in the next month.

Simple fact of the matter is this.
2.1 is done, being held pending some Tower updates, does not mean the Tower doesn’t work, it does. I’ve been testing it for a couple of weeks now.
LHR as of right now and I’ve reconfirmed today is slated to arrive this year, they got a head start on it, not only with the modeling but stopping work on DEL back in September when the Unity issue first arose. So they are over 2 months in with better modeling and relative simple structures. 787 will be in place and I have a feeling the 350 will be done too by release time.
Gut tells me LHR will be released for testing early December for Christmas release. If it gets delayed it does, but LEJ which not too dissimilar in layout but smaller in size, was tested and released if memory serves in a couple of weeks.
I can be proven wrong. But again based on what I know. They are further along than you might think


Honestly we should just be patient
We,re getting major updates this year and I think that’s what we should appreciate

Thank you for the info


Ya I guess it has been hard for them to release major updates in the last couple years cuz covid stopped them from getting together and now that there is barely any restrictions the devs are going all in which is really nice to see.

Carl, I know you can only do the best with what is given, so thank you for being a great liaison. I just don’t have the faith in the information being relayed to you being trustworthy.

The release of 2.0 was a debacle. How many times did the release date get pushed back? Several IIRC… and when they finally stuck with 2023 Q2, the release didn’t occur until early July.

The relationship with Taimodels has the potential to vastly speed up this release schedule. I have some hope that we may be able to see more frequent updates soon – and how quickly the devs think that they can pivot from DEL to LHR shows that.

That said… given that 2.1 still has not released as of Nov. 19th, and it sounds as if changes are still being made, I don’t think a December 2023 release date for 2.2 / LHR is reasonable at all. I hope the devs make it of course, but until they develop more of a track record, I’m going to continue having issues believing their timelines. And frankly, until the devs can start hitting their internal dates more regularly, they should stop publicizing these goals to us… the constant late releases creates more issues when they don’t follow through and reduces trust with parts of the player base. Delays happen, sure. But with most updates being delayed it seems, there is other issues at play here.


Well given I get my data from the main source. I can only relay what he tells me and that has been reconfirmed a couple of times. Can I be wrong, sure, can he not tell me, sure. But I will always be honest about my feelings on it and caveat it that way.
I going to repeat 2.1 could be released as is, but changes are being looked at and that is happening before it is. I actually have a personal feeling 2.1 may roll into 2.2 with LHR.
I do not see LHR being delayed given how far they are through on it. Usually needs 2-3 weeks to test thoroughly and iron out any of the initial bugs. That’s how long we were given for LEJ and a little longer for SXM due to the additional pieces of 2.0


If 2.1 gets merged with 2.2, than will we get a lot more new liveries than the ones that have been confirmed?

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Highly likely and maybe 350’s too

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Just a thought but why not release 2.1 with all of the updates without the tower controller, followed by 2.1.1 with the TC? Users will get an update now, followed by a new element when it’s ready rather than everything being delayed by an element that has never been in the game before.


Because we have wait longer then, for TC, because players are anxious to know how it’s works.