Main Menu still show Winter Update

But have you notice that Innsbruck Bari, Prague and IAD, like the snow flake is gone, have the dev removed deicing or something?

Probably not. Is it snowing in the middle of summer for Europe and North America?
Looking at the weather for those three examples, all cities are going to reach at least the low 30s (°C) in the upcoming week.

It reflects real weather conditions so there will not be any deicing in 35°C :slight_smile: You have to wait till autumn.

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But you skip the deicing mini game right?

Whenever it comes up, you can’t disable it (unfortunately). It isn’t like the stand and landing minigames where it isn’t ‘important’. Deicing is an important part of airport operations, which is probably why you can’t skip it.

But If I do it, then I have no time to handle other S or M planes.

As of one of the latest update, the devs have implemented system that stops all timer from continuing if you accept a minigame. Planes will still take-off, land and taxi, but for those on the stands, the timer stops.

Oh, Thank God

If you press the little X part of the button, the game will deice automatically as if it were any other service.

If you start auto deicing it counts as a departure, so if you exit the airport the plane will be gone when you resume.

Yeah, I forgot… adding to this, it comes up automatically, so as Highbad had said, you can choose to not do it. It still can’t be disabled like the other minigames though…

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