Many airlines are following Emirates lead. (Mid-Week 3)

Update 2: Etihad is following the lead of the other airlines, British airways just flew a A380, to Manila and that is good news since they use the facility for maintaining the A380s there.

Update: Emirates is cancelling some A380 Orders, I don’t think they will fly again… :frowning:

Air France has announced publicly that the company will retire the A380. Lufthansa already has retired almost 50% of there fleet.

I Guess the company is following Emirates talk over the end of the A380.

Even though it isn’t Friday it was important to announce before it becomes “Old News”. Besides that Airbus is opening (By the time of this post) there US plant for the A220 (C-Series by Bombardier. Long story short here’s a video explaining it. )

Why I may not be active as much during summer this and next year.

I’m going to Aruba in June or July and I probably may not be on for a while, Though I will be sure to post some pics of planes once I get back. It all really depends on when Aruba reopens. I may also be celebrating my birthday in a foreign country! And It could be the same next year on my school trip to Europe (England and France)

And Yes. I realize how stupid I must sound for not being on when schools out and stuff but I will be sure to make these “Aviation this week” more quality.

See you all! -William


Same here, going to Italy to visit some familly. Glad to see im not going to be the only one travelling as soon as possible. :joy:
Corona has nothing on us

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Trust me, It’s beautiful there you should look at some pictures of Aruba.

And Trust me when I am at Aruba I’m gonna miss this fella

The Fella

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This video is a perfect summary for this :slight_smile:

Thanks! I saw that and I forgot what it was called, so I found something else from another source I use.

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Updated with more info on the A380 Retirement, at least there is some good news.