Maximum initial M slots at IAD?

Hello everyone

Suppose I buy many M stands at IAD and start servicing planes, but without buying any extra slots. How many will they land before the message “no flights available” appears?

In other words, what is the initial number of M AI planes/slots at IAD?

Thank you so much

I still have this problem that though I buyed a lot of destinations and total number of uncountable S/M-tier stands. But as I play a less amount of time, I can’t open many slots and the terminal stays, kind of, abandoned.

iirc, you get about 3-4 M arrivals from the start

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I have all M slots open.
Unfortunately I have 140 M planes so I never come to AI planes :frowning:

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This is how it looks like

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Hi @UnbendingMud,

Perhaps now is time to play for fleet management. Sell all your fleet for gold, and change to another aircraft type for a different challenge (e.g., to all E190, or all 757).

You’ve probably unlocked all airports and maxed out the number of slots for each globally. If not, give that a try.

Since you’re way ahead, can you share your strategy for locking up every gate?

Lastly, can you show us what Terminal A & B looks like full of Concordes?