MCT Airport

I see that the MCT Airport is in the airports menu in the game. When will it officially become available to all users?

That’s only known by the devs right now and they aren’t sharing and rightly so.
They moved it to development around 6 weeks ago, so an estimate would be July or so unless they started before they moved it to that status

My bet is May, following the past releases we had IAD in November 2019 (if I’m not mistaken), NGO in May 2020 and SAN in November 2020. Also seems the devs have gone from smaller updates every few weeks to one larger update a month.

Though I see now that Prague 2035 has been removed. That’s been saying “coming soon” for quite some time. Huh… :thinking:

coming soon in the real time of 2035. Gonna wait for more 14 years. :laughing: :laughing:

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