Missing FRA Departure Button

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Since last Update is FRA Departure Button for S and M Planes missing on following Airpots




FRA is a maintenance only,destination. You can send revenue earning flights from IAD & NGO, but none of the European airports.

Still, I would have thought it to be an actual destination as well. Same applies for HND at NGO. Would add a little more into the mix.

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I try an example!
Than must be FCO a maintenance destination too. But it’s a actual destination also!

I don’t understand why we can send flights on some routes but not others. Particularly those maintence flights you have to pay to unlock.

Yeah, on iad I can send small aircraft to Seattle and that’s a maintenence destination

@SaxonianAirlines, how come the ATR in the photo shows a different username to the rest of your aircraft? I’ve just picked up on it.

That is easy to say.
These username (player8814448307) is my old username in game.

Ah ok, just confused me as to why the aircraft show up with different usernames.