Missing service airport at IAD

I was sure there was frankfurt to service my xl planes…

Sorry, I am using FRA maintenance at full capacity…
just kidding

It disappeared for me, too. so there’s only one maintenance-destination for L & XL now.

Seriously this game was great for 4 days until I realized how maintenance slowing down the game. Todays update with the ultralong refuelling made IAD a big parking lot. :cry:

Dear devs please do something!

A lot of people wanted their airports more crowded and probably this is one way how to fill up your airfield :slight_smile:


You have too many planes. Haha


The game has almost become unplayable, I just deleted about 30 aircraft just to get moving again due to the maintenance problems,

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i have same problem. IAD is for me only parking place for 140 A380 from my fleet. Please give new place for maintandance without time for sent - why we must wait for, it is easyly scrapt the planes.

Timer for pure maintenance destinations will be shortened. They will not be normal destinations (other timers stay the same).

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Are you only talking about the destinations or are the fuel timers will be changed? In the moment it is really no fun.

Thx a lot :pray:

Is there a eta on this, has at the moment it’s still only 1 route and seats at 49 minutes and a bit frustrating as 2 new routes added to XL of which one was easy to open and the other cannot open at the moment which I think is down to not having stands full at this time and one to L but no fix to getting other routes for servicing,

Just went back in to game after been kick off, and seen it’s done now to only wait 5 seconds thank you

I could just send 3 to SEA in 6 minutes time as you can see. No cooldown?

Hello 911 ? Anyone reads my post anymore ? Its being changed server side to something like 10s already.

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I did read your post but when I started to play this morning , the timer was still at 49 minutes, but when I went back to game it was at 5 seconds which I then edited into my post with a thank you