Money lost on disconnected, when a plane is ready to taxi

A plane was ready to departure/ requested taxi clearance. I had plenty of time left. Before I could clear it, the connection was lost. When I returned seconds later, the plane was shown with a red circle, already received the clearance but I did not get the money. It definitely did not reach it’s time limit. Instead of waiting for a disconnect at the right moment, the problem can also be reproduced going to the menu and back.

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After moving back to main menu (or disconnect event) certain amount of time is added hence thats not a bug it works as intended.

Do you mean the game proceeds faster than real time in case of a disconnect? That is very unfortunate behavior because it causes money to be lost. I would expect the game to either continue in real time or freeze in case of a disconnect.

I also had this multiple times in the past. As the menu button does not pause the game it happens every once in a while that in the time it takes me to click menu and “back to main menu” a plane becomes “ready for departure” and when I come back it is immediately fully red. Same happens upon unintentional disconnect. I understand that you don’t want players to just collect ready for departure planes but for me this has led to multiple 0$ planes without my fault (random disconnect or just regularly finishing playing).

It’s a bug. Money stuck on 0, no fee given for departing planes on time. Never refreshed not even after other planes where cleared for landing.
Attached screenshots.


@M4ktub Will place that on fix board for checks. Thanks.

Restart game and money should be back. I was told its fixed now.