Money suggestion

Just an idea or suggestion…

Do you think it’s possible to have your coins carry over between airports? I have 8,000 money in a full BRI with nothing to spend it on and could really be useful for me in PRG.

Like the money unit should be across all airports, not just one.

Also, I liked having the counter up the top (as seen in this older picture here) as it gave me something to work towards and get excited about… now it’s missing I don’t know how many passengers I have to work towards…


Ps. I couldn’t get the screenshots to attach but I’m sure you know what I mean… :face_with_monocle:

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Just buy some planes, then sell it, and now you have gold planes, which you can change one for 10 000…


thanks for good idea :+1:

Thats exactly the way to carry over some money. I am buying new planes and selling some oldies (or just leaving one with better looking REG no.).