More gates, more planes?

I have IAD and I cant seem to get enough planes and I’m hardly using all the gates.
I only have about 6S, 6M, 4L, and 4X gates, and I can’t even fill them all up, even with the temporary speed up.

Will putting more gates in get me more planes?
Will having more L or X gates, get me more L or X planes?


Some (hopefuly) answers.

  1. All gates busy - thats only possible if you keep planes longer at stands (after they are ready for departure). I hardly think its ever possible in real life IAD anyway.
  2. More gates = faster “arrival timer” speed - thats also connected with number of “free gates”
  3. Arrival list is connected with number of stands per specific type. More L-gates more L-planes will arrive etc.

Even with all 100 available gates you won’t have more traffic. I have around 5-15 gates in action plus some blocked gates for arriving aircraft. The only gates that I sometimes use completely are the 12 L-gates I have.

“in action” depends on playstyle. If someone have to press any yellow button in 0,01mili second then yes. For me with around 60 gates i have 34-40 always with plane :slight_smile:

how many of those are your own planes that have to wait for a free destination? :smiley:

I have at least 20 gates with my planes on slots to take off, which in turns slows down more arrives

Not many but i am not chasing any rabbit that is why.