More maintenance services stations

We all have several aircraft of our own and these need to be serviced.Unfortunately it often happens that only 1 aircraft can be sent for maintenance. From Muscat only 1 plane to Dubai. Please program several options.

Not correct, there is one initially provided for you But if you buy more you can have up to 5 at each level or more.

If you don’t have the W’s you can either earn it via other destinations, buy W’s with GP’s or send then the 1 you have plus arrivals count towards the keys needed to open a next slot for free.

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Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I have to say that I don’t really know the game yet.

The intersting point is here that play in Muscat without knowing the game :grin::+1:


Yep, always need to start with INN and learn first. Or there is the tutorial

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Sorry for this mistake. :pensive:
I always wondered why there was only 1 slot available. I apologize again for the stupid question. Sorry …

Not a stupid question. But I would advise trying to play INN first to understand the game mechanics before trying something like MCT

I played the game completely wrong, now I understand. As here in Frankfurt, slots are important. Wrong strategy on my part. I always sold the planes and bought new ones in the fleet. I was always suspicious of that. Thanks to you I have now got the question answered. Thank you and sorry again …

I will just add a little knowledge here. Sell your aircrafts only when they reach Maintained D end. I mean fly the aircrafts after maintained C to end. When system asks you to send it to maintenance d sell it then. You get 1GP for S, 2 GP for M, 3 GP for L, and 4GP for X. Of the flight would have earned you more than its price by then.

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Not totally 100% true. The longer destinations after you deduct the maintenance and fuel requirements, often don’t cover the price of the aircraft. So you need to be a little selective in the routes you put aircraft on to make it work as a balance.