Multiplayer Controlling

Personally as a new player (Started a Week ago.) I get overwhelmed with planes. Multiplayer could be a great feature when having overwhelming amounts of planes. It could be involving some Code needed to get into a Multiplayer Session so you and your friends can handle planes together, when the player hosting the session disconnects the session is closed until they either remake a session.

When I think multiplayer I see different players from different aspects of life come together and have a common goal Multiplayer may be a very great idea involving Private and Public Servers. Players should be able to find servers in different countries, locally or even nationally. The servers should have a certain Capacity due to airport size (INN: 1-3 BRI: 1-4 PRG: 1-5 IAD: 1-5 etc…) Chat features could be a thing and can be disabled in the Options menu.


I like the idea but would cost a lot of money and a subscription service would be required


True, Subscription could be a Bi-Weekly payment of a dollar or more, It could be hosted locally for private sessions.

@shill is there any idea of Multiplayer?

Its “golobal multiplayer” already so I quite dont follow the topic here.

There is no “session” - everything is handles on single server - which cost money. So it is not about code but infrastructure + people to make it - bear in mind its not “game factory” its done “after hours” basically.

Its not “make game to live” project - but costs are significant already (not to mention time spend for new features and maintenance - they can not escalate because that will be end of project (coders back to commercial projects). Still making subscription would not work because even if someone is paying 1 E/USD for a week people tend to have anger management issue when something doesnt work and that is not nice on either side. Subscription approach doesn’t really work nowadays (at least they do not work better than micropayments).

We should not compare FSX to “6 fanatics making mobile game about planes really”… as nice as it sounds it is not on the same league when it comes to many things.

Luckilly there is a group of “free donors” that just appriciate how game is changing and support with some goldies purchase which is nice.

Ps. Switching the subject a bit - all the complains that something takes to long / its to difficult - well :smiley: if its to easy noone would purchase gold planes = game over :slight_smile:


I understand how subscriptions can be annoying, sometimes they can be useful (ex. YouTube Premium) When they work correctly. The multiplayer feature I mean is that different players are connected to the same airport and handle planes with other players at the same airport with limited resources (Money, Ground Services) I understand how it’s already Multiplayer but it could work.

I’m not saying it’s that difficult as well. I am saying that because sometimes I have large quantities of planes landing and taxiing

I switched subject not pointing at you, no worries. :slight_smile:

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Since the topic of subscription has been brought up, I feel your purchase model might not be correctly setup. I am the type of player who like to earn their way up the game instead of buying success (or planes). Buying a bunch of goldies and making a big fleet is not attractive to me although I can certainly afford it.

I think you should have paid points for the following:

  • Pay for new airports access
  • Pay for access to new plane types (that is there in a way but it also gives access to direct plane purchase which should not be the case)
  • Pay for additional non-earnable slots (high priority slots)
  • Pay for liveries (which is there and is excellent).

My point is you should have a break points where players have to pay to proceed. Just some thoughts, hope you dont mind.


I have no insight on results but it must not be that dramatic as person(s) who made decision keep what is going currently :slight_smile:

I believe when project will be on edge they will take some steps to tell community that costs exceed income and it can not be continued or something. :slight_smile:

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Personally having Pay to Pass could be a good thing, yet it could still not. I think that the game is great enough. When I think of Pay to Pass I see Games that involve lots of “Requirements” To gain a level, many people do either: 1. Grind It Out. 2. Purchase those items from other players. 3. Prepare to drop 1-5$ off their Credit Card. Pay to play can have its upside: Revenue. Most succesful games have some sort of a Pay to Win. Though they try to hide it.

(Sorry about inactivity.)

Then accusation will starts its “pay to win” :slight_smile: as always.

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I think they have made such a great product, they should optimize it to earn well and make it sustainable. It would be a shame to lose all this work due to poor revenue planning.



Maybe it is like that (income is steady and satisfactory). I do not know details = I can not comment with certainty.

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He means like Tower3D Pro. One guy is doing the ground crew and the gates. The other guy is managing the departures and arrivals. All he is talking about is have a add-on game to WOA like Tower3Dpro but in the presents and the similarity to WOA standards.

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Thanks, I kinda couldnt explain it. :smiley:

I didn’t read carefuly enough, now its clear.

Sounds like UATC wishful thinking to me, no offence to topic starter but seems that concept failed them big time. Game fundations here is different, and that idea is not “little code change” its re-writing it from the beginning almost.

Idea is not necessarily bad but its not in line with general idea/concept in WoA I am affraid.

Ultimately there will be “player” airport(s) and everyone will be able to send own planes to personalized other player airport.

I will discuss with devs anyway as everything from this forum.

Thanks for that! Also great to hear there will be Player Customized Airports! :smiley:

That was the idea from the very beginning (then 100usd goal crowfunding was a small disaster :wink: ) and it was changed/reduced to make game happen at all.