My May Wishlist

I love playing this game and kudos to the devs for creating an awesome game. Its growing and improving everyday. Here are some suggestions on my wishlist which I feel would improve the game for everyone. Some are already under development.

  • BETTER READABILITY - Can all buttons with writing on them be bigger with bigger fonts eg. destinations of own planes or no of goldies needed to buy liveries. Cannot read them at all on my phone especially if they are deselected. Im going squinted eyed trying to read stuff. Use the entire screen for overlays instead of thin

  • PAUSE GAME - A ‘Continue Game’ button - if the game is interrupted by a phone call, after the call the game should not restart immediately. but should pause and have a continue button. I put the phone down after a call and it kept running and I had no idea. Screwed up stuff a bit.

  • SEPARATE FLEET MANAGEMENT - Separate fleet management with arrival schedules etc into different section from the puchase section.

  • MORE COLOURS - Can we have more colours on the liveries like Orange? Want to recreate my national flag on the planes

  • VIRTUAL CLOCK - Can we have a virtual clock to show the time at the airports, will help track the day and night cycle better.

  • CAMERA LABELLING - Some kind of numbering or labeling for camera views so we can select our favorite quickly. Just a small number in a corner is all that is needed. Also some more camera angles for landing and takeoff would be great.

  • ADVANCED FILTERING - Distinct toggle button for filtering arriving, in service and departing planes and all. So 4 states. Currently we have All and Servicing. Can we also add two more i.e. arriving only and departing only.

  • TAKEOFF CAMERA CUTOFF - Can we please extend the camera cutoff for taking off planes. We can physically pan and see the plane going up but the auto camera cuts of too early. I think this takes away from the beauty of the game.

  • OVERLAY MAP OF AIRPORT - An overview map of each airport showing the S,M,L and XL slots in a blueprint kind of view, showing ones bought and others available. It takes all kind of gymnastics with the camera to see which slots are still available and for which size. This can be added to the slot purchase menu.

  • SERVICE TIMERS - The individual services timers seem to be of very little use and are barely readable. We can see the colour shading moving to estimate the time left anyways. The control menu seems squished and all the text is barely readable now.

  • NEW REWARDS - Replace golden plane reward with something more relevant for players over a certain level. With the latest revision it has become even more irrelevant. Game needs better levelling system to motivate players to keep playing

  • PLANE LIGHTS AT NIGHT - Strobe lights on planes at night are negligible. Difficult to spot planes landing and taking off during the night.

  • SPECIAL DEALS - Would like to see special offers and discounts on goldies, plane purchases and liveries. Used to happen earlier but now not so much.

  • AIRFORCE ONE - Add special visits by iconic planes from across the world such as Air Force One. Use it as rewards for acheivments.

  • GAMEPLAY VARIATIONS - Add some variability in game play such as
    Planes with different passenger loads, speeding or delaying departures
    Passenger loading variable timing, due to late passengers perhaps.
    Servicing variability due to fuel or catering issues
    Engine malfunctions and unexpected emergency landings
    Parking Slots closed for repairs or inspections
    Weather issues like rain, storms
    Terrorist Attacks / Pandemic Situation


Woah woah woah, that’s a lot of stuff. Definitely not all coming in May because… Damn.


Just putting it out there. I’m sure they are not going to take it seriously but atleast I cared so I shared.

Cheers mate!


Pausing the game, in game clock, tkf camera cutoff, overlay map and night lights are small and simple quality of life improvements which are greatly required. Couldnt agree more!


Please no! That will mean like now, no flights (so no game play) for several months…