My progress on WORLD OF AIRPORT GAME 😂

I have bought 100 airplane but now I just sell 50 aircrafts because need money to purchase 447KN Speed airplanes

:rofl: too slow reach achievements for how many airplane’s handling… my target is 2000 airplanes to buy or purchase :ok_hand::+1::rofl::grin: have a nice playing n have a nice flight…:grin::sunglasses::heart::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Don’t you think that 2000 is a bit much?

Can arrange all airplane departure time friend

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There’s not even 200 stands so you will have a very busy airport. But you do what you do.

2000 aircraft that you own? You will literally do nothing else.
Across the airports I have about 400 and that’s a lot to handle.
This game is a marathon not a sprint. If you want it to be a sprint, there’s the buy golden planes option that is readily available.

A bit!!! A lot much!!!:joy::joy:

I would rather not play the game than handeling those 2000 aircrafts​:yawning_face::yawning_face:

I’m only having like 90 at my MCT. That’s to be with all the connection places.