My Wishlist for the next updates

I know there are many ideas for new plane types, airports and other features in the community but I would love to see some more focus on the problems the game has. Just some things I would love to see much more than another airline, plane type or airport:

  • Bug fixing: especially at NGO there are some pushback bugs since day one. There are also some at the other airports but not as bad

  • stop the reshuffle of the flight tags after returning to an airport. Especially at IAD it is hard to keep an overview when everything is mixed up after a restart. Furthermore after accepting a plane to land you jump to the left hand side of the tags and you have to scroll back to the right all the time. (especially a problem on IAD when it is busy)

  • proper timetable for planes in connection.

  • update of route revenues. Long haul routes must create revenue as well - especially routes to other playable airports. IAD-MIA should not be the most profitable route for an A380.

  • redesign of the destination and slot tab. There are too many destinations in to scroll through especially because the game isn’t stoppable during that time. Maybe a filter function would help?

  • refueling time at SAN. If an empty A380 arrives there is no chance to handle it in bonus time without using the speed up button. Refueling time of 30+ minutes are ridiculous! I don’t accept these planes at my airport anymore and let them go around.

  • faster takeoffs and landings. Especially for INN, BRI, PRG and SAN it would increase the fun of the game dramatically if there would be a chance to have a full airport without traffic jams.

  • a filter function for the hangar to see only the own planes of a specific airport and an option to change the livery of all planes of a type (e.g A350) would be awesome.

That are just some thoughts from my side. In my opinion right now much more important than more new content. Because the content is great already.



There’s something on feedback about a a proper connection timetable, it’s in the next update :+1:


Ah very cool! Haven’t seen it before. And the display behind looks updated as well. Love to see it in the game!

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The tab for the connection timetable also shows a significant change to the UI, and from what it seems, we can select the departure to arrival ratio!


Any idea, “when?”

Next update is the only thing I can say. Possibly this weekend or next week would be my best guess.


Thank you @ICEgamer1705 for bringing this up. I’d also like to see updates that handle problems first before implementing new stuff

This also applies for IAD since one of the newer updates.