Nagoya Flight Number fixes

Hello devs! I’ve been on Nagoya and after my 2 hours stint of playing, I notice some flight numbers that are incorrect for existing route. As a big fan of Japanese airports (Asia in general), I would love to see fixes so that the correct flight number for each route is shown. Not the biggest deal ever so I just hope you guys can deliver a simple fix.


  • FW15 (wrong route) -> FW43 (NGO-SDJ)
  • IBX46 -> FW46 or FW45 (Callsign -> flight number)
  • IBX58 -> FW58 or FW57 (Callsign -> flight number)
  • IBX65 -> FW65 (Callsign -> flight number)
  • IBX60 -> FW60 (Callsign -> flight number)


  • NH491 (wrong route) -> NH703 or NH701 (CTS-NGO)
  • NH556 (wrong route)(KIX-NGO doesn’t exist in real life)
    -> Suggestion: NH326 (AKJ-NGO)(Asahikawa - Nagoya)
  • ANA205 (wrong route)
    -> Suggestion: NH493 (NRT-NGO)(Tokyo Narita - Nagoya)
  • AKX85 (wrong route + callsign) -> NH85
    -> Suggestion: NH364 (SDJ-NGO)(Sendai - Nagoya)
  • NH1230 (wrong flight number)(HAC-NGO doesn’t exist in real life)
    -> Suggestion: NH328 (MMB-NGO)(Memanbetsu - Nagoya)
  • NH390 (wrong route)
    -> Suggestion: NH434 (FUK-NGO)(Fukuoka - Nagoya)
  • AXK712 -> NH712
  • ANA302 (BKK-NGO) -> NH302 (OKA-NGO) (ANA Boeing 747-400D only do domestic operations)(No ANA Boeing 747-400 do International flights from Nagoya)


  • JL728 (wrong flight number) -> JL822 (right one)
    Airport name fix: Taiwan (TPE) -> Taipei (TPE)

Jeju Air

  • 7C133 (GMP-NGO)(Wrong route) -> 7C1602 (ICN-NGO)

AirAsia Japan

  • DJ412 (wrong flight number) -> DJ804 (right one)


  • UA322 (wrong flight number) -> UA136 or UA172 (right one)

Qatar Airways

  • QR8140 (Cargo Flight operated by Boeing 777F)
    -> Suggestion: QR809 (fantasy Flight Number) (DOH-NGO)(Doha - Nagoya)

Thank you devs! Really great job on this update, but yeah minor faults are expected so if you could, please updates these flight numbers (probably only I care about this). Thank you guys!

will be updated


Holy mother of god that’s attention to detail.


What he said :joy:


Please dont get to focused on details like real flight numbers (especialy there are "fake connections).
They wont be real here and there.

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