Nagoya - just some question

Hi devs,
can you tell me how many and type of slots will Nagoya have?


I think they are still building it, in reality Nagoya has 10 domestic contact gates with 3 additional hard stands, and 11 international contact gates with 3 additional hard stands, Devs keep pretty close to the real thing, so not much to suggest it won’t be too different to that. Cargo stands are pretty difficult to count as the images on google are from far away and not clear, but looking around 15 total, so in all there should be approximately 40-42 total stands ±5%


I dont know i havent seen it yet.

Thank you both for your answers :slight_smile: I really like to operate from Prague airport but i would like to see more L/XL stands than Prague have thats why i was asking for Nagoya :slight_smile:

There is one extra L stand in PRG (it was not mentioned in patchnotes as i was not aware of it.


yeah, they snuck that one in when everyone was looking at the new triangle liveries… I wonder what else is up there sleeves!

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Player liveries were announced.