Need help. Cargo planes don`t arrive

I dont know if this is a bug or not. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
I am currently at Bari, I have the cargo terminal unlocked as well as 2 M cargo planes in my arrivals. But once they first arrived and left my airport they don`t arrive again.

The strange thing is, once i disable the plane in my arrival and then activate it again, the plain arrives at my airport immediately. Wich means everytime I want a cargo plane to land I have to disable the plane, then enable itagain wich is quite annoying.

Am Idoing something wrong or is this a bug? Any ideas?

Thank you all.

Keep the arrivals enabled leave the airport and enter it again. It is a common bug. Planes that arrive for the first time wont arrive again unless youbdo these steps. I usually immediately use this tactic after unlocking new arrivals

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