New Destinations 2.0-2.3

Since 2.0, it only says “new destinations” and I don’t know which ones have actually been added. I’m a little disappointed with the new forum now, because the previous one had the new destinations written down.


Yeah it would be nice to have a list of the newly added destinations, I can tell you however that Skiathos seems to be a new one, can’t remember seeing it before 2.0.3

St Barths is new for SXM however Air Antilles is left out as an airline as that’s one of their destinations IRL
Would love it if it was included using the DHC6

I will talk to the devs to see if I can get a list. This is on them to provide the information and has nothing to the vehicle of how the information is sent out.


I see Kannur , Calicut and Tiruchirapalli added in India
Gwadar and Turbat in Pakistan
Chabbar in Iran
Eirat in Israel
These are the ones I observed from MCT

New Destinations have been added to the release notes and will be included in the future


Is there any reason ahy the devs have moved away from the website? I don’t mind it but it seems weird abandoning the old system.

They are trying to reduce the number of spots where they enter data. I also think the website feedback spot is a 3rd party system.
So they have made the decision to circle up around the forum for this type of information