New destinations at radar

There are plenty of new destinations at radar (OSL, GIG, SYD, SEA, MEX…). :heart_eyes:

Any hint when they will be implied?

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They will be one by one - not sure when. We are spreading traffic. Devs are busy they do not even reply to my questions often… they also have to reply irrational whines and complains of fanpage (which should be called whinepage rather than fan…)

We have long list of new connections - some of them still waiting for liveries because there is time shortage to do everything at once. Looks like new player destinations comming into game - I already saw many new connections in IAD

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yay, can’t wait for that. thx

@shill since i’ve seen on radar that you’re operating test flights to the new aiports, can you please spoiler a bit about those. how long do aircraft need and what aircraft can we send? :blush:

btw my fleet is ready for the new destinations. thx to the A380 discounts last weekend those aircraft need something to work :grinning:

My A380-fleet is becoming Emirates size already and they’re blocking the gates for their friends from other airlines. Can you please open more destinations from IAD for L & XL-aircraft? ICN, SVO, OSL, FCO, VIE, TXL, WAW, DOH & LGW would be all good destinations that are served at IAD already in real life and they’re all in radar. Also LAX is on radar but not accessible and would be a nice add for M-aircraft. thx

It need User Interface changes - currently it can handle max 9 connections in row.
After interface code is updated more connections will be available.

Temporarily cooldown will be reduced till that is done.

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great news. thx

Any update on this? I’m having some blocked gate issues :innocent:

Sell some planes and live real life instead :smiley: Nothing at the moment in respect of update - it requires change to system (dropdown list of destination instead of line(s) as in the future we may have a lot of destinations (and lines).

wow, this sounds like a lot of new destinations if there is dropdown needed for that. i’m looking forward to that.

anyway my question was more about the cooldown for the time until the new feature will arrive. if you’re not playing for a while because of real life it takes a while to handle all your aircraft. it took me about a day to handle all my A380s since they’ve blocked the arrivals of new aircraft :see_no_evil: