New features coming soon!

There were a lot of things mentioned on Instagram and on Discord about the future for World of Airports, like a contract management system, live tracking, and confirmation that 3 airports are currently being developed with LEJ as the (likely) next one to be released.

I created a video to go through all the information I found:

Which of these features are your favorite or are you most interested in?


I’m most interested in the 3 airports. I wonder what the other 2 are

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I have noticed in reply about future historical airport, that it is fully replaced with buildings. Possibly that is about Kai Tak?


I have seen in-game picture with those Expo A380s in DXB. So may be the Dubai is one of them.


Makes sense. Could be 1 of them

I have heared earlier they where Working on airport in India. Do anyone know status of that

I saved this in my mental “gossip area”. Don’t count on it in near future.